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Jason Hitesman
Nov 29, 2021
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Still debugging my clock (I had it run for over 2 hours then made the mistake of telling my dad that I seemed to have it running and sure enough it stopped 3 minutes later. I strongly suspect most of my issues are due to my mounting as it won't stay vertical and keeps shifting so I need to add a lower screw. ) But - today I accidentally discovered a nice benefit of using BBs over lead shot. I was running the clock with the pallet reversed to run in the gears some and had to re-wind it. Just as I neared the top the CG suddenly shifted and the clock rotated on it's single screw allowing the weight cord to slip off the head of the screw on the side of the base. Dropping my 3" weight shell full of BBs (so just shy of 8lbs.) from almost 6ft up. Thankfully that ethernet cord on the ground acted as a dam and held most of the in one place. But as Ralphies dad warned in A Christmas Story "They run all over" and they sure did - I found some 2 rooms away. However - one thing you can do with Steel BBs you can't do with lead shot. Grab a nice strong neodymium magnet and just get it within a few inches of where some might be...and you'll find them :D Now - back to debugging this clock. Or more properly - adding some proper mounting screws to my walls. BTW - I had to cheat on the face. I have a Mk3s with MMU2 - but my first attempt at printing the face had a layer shift and had to be discarded. The second try is the one I'm using - but my white filament broke and the MMU was in "auto continue" mode so it switched to the next spool which was blue - but also an almost empty spool. And sure enough it ran out just before that section became visible (If you look at the lower right corner of the face you can see a hint of blue) so it switched once again and this time wound up on black. Resulting in black numbers on a black face. Not wanting to wait another 8 hours to test the clock but also not wanting to live even temporarily with black on black I grabbed some white latex paint and a piece of craft foam I had laying around to make a giant ink pad. Then pressed the face into it to color the numbers white on black. I actually prefer the way it looks with the two tone hands so I may just keep it. And it's a handy trick for those who don't have a multi-color printer and don't want to manually swap filament to get the two color effect.
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Jason Hitesman

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