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This page contains projects, experiments, or other random information about clocks I have been working on that may or may not be ready to be released as a completed clock.


Some projects sit around for a really long time before I feel that they are good enough to be released. Others take a while to get documented well enough for others to be able to build them. Some are works in progress.


Here are a few of my latest "experiments".

Grasshopper Clock:

This is my interpretation of a John Harrison style grasshopper clock. The gear train is based on the large SP2 pendulum wall clock. It is mostly functional, but only runs reliably for a few days. Maybe the runtime is too aggressive. The pallets in a grasshopper escapement need to be lifted with each pendulum swing. This energy seems to be lost when the pallets release, so I don't think a grasshopper clock can ever have the same runtime as a similar sized clock with a deadbeat escapement. This clock might become functional if the runtime is reduced to 2 or 3 days.



Electromagnetic Pendulum Clock:

This clock uses a battery powered pendulum drive circuit. It shows enough potential that it might become a real design.

The clock has a ticking second hand, so the pendulum needs a 1/2 second beat with a length of 9.8". This creates a clock that is around 25% larger than the silent stepper motor driven desk clock.

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