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SP4: Large Easy Build Wall Clock

This clock was redesigned to make it as easy as possible to build, hence the name "Easy Build".


Components were consolidated to make a smaller bill of materials. This clock uses one size of ball bearings and one size screw. Some components needed in the previous clocks were eliminated completely.


Part of the design simplification involved moving the pendulum arm to the side so the overall layout is more horizontal. The dial has a simplified look, although a traditional Roman numeral dial is also provided.

The modified pendulum makes the clock more efficient so the runtime could be increased. Different runtime options are provided ranging from 4.6 days to 21.5 days. Two gears need to be re-printed to change the runtime. The longest runtimes require more drive weight and the pendulum beat must be set very accurately to get them to run. The shorter runtime options are much more reliable. I prefer somewhere around 8 days in my clock.

The overall size of this clock is around 15" (38cm) by 9" (23cm) with an 8" (20cm) dial. It requires a printer with the print area of a Prusa MK3S (250x210mm) or an Ender 3 (220x220mm).

Assembly and debug videos were created. The first video shows the operation of the slightly smaller version of this clock.


Video of the similar 32 day Easy Build Clock


Assembly Video Part 1


Assembly Video Part 2


Additional Debug Notes


Side Profile



Full Height View

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