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SP14: Large Moon Phase Clock

This a large weight driven wall clock with a prominent moon phase dial. It has an 8-day runtime and an accuracy of 1-2 minutes per week. The moon phase dial stays accurate within 1 day every 2.6 years.

The clock follows the same easy to build design style as my other new clocks. The bill of materials has been reduced and the only machining required is cutting the arbors to length. The pendulum components drop into place without glue. The winding key is easier to build and more stable. Multiple size weight shells are provided to allow filling with either lead shot or BBs. 

The clock is 9" wide by 22" tall and 6.5" deep (225mm x 560mm x 165mm). The tip of the pendulum is 24" long (610mm). 

The minimum printer size is 210mm by 210mm. Total print time on a Prusa MK3S is around 160 hours using 1.7kg of PLA filament.

A link to the files on MyMiniFactory and a copy of the assembly guide are available using the buttons below.


Video of the Clock in Operation


Close-up of the gears


Gear Train Details

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