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SP12: Crazy Gear Wall Clock

This is my largest clock with the best features from my previous clocks merged into a great looking design. It is a vertical orientation wall clock with oversized gears and the escapement right up front. 

The gears use the crazy gear layout from the crazy gear desk clocks.

Everything is easy to assemble using only a few screws, similar to the easy gear wall clock design.

The pallet and pendulum have a solid connection to improve efficiency and allow runtimes up to 15 days.

The overall size is 23" tall, 9.5" wide, and 7" deep (580x240x175mm). It requires a printer with at least a 205x205mm print area. A Prusa MK3S or Ender3 will work great. Total print time on a Prusa MK3S is 140 hours using 1.5kg of PLA.


Video of the Clock in Operation


Design Methodology


Comparison of my first clock (SP1 on the left)

and this clock (SP12 on the right)


Closeup of the pallet and pendulum

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