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32 Day Easy Build Wall Clock
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Ken Beyea
Mar 10, 2022
Hi Steve, I just wanted to share my completed clock 32 day clock. I’m still pretty new to 3D printing (~6mo) so this project really helped stretch my wings with the tight tolerances and filament/color changes. I was so proud when I first put the clock together thinking that it will run perfectly the first time then reality set in, and I started the debugging process. Even with all the concerns over the silk filament I really like the way the copper silk gears look so I took the chance that I could still make it work. I’m happy to report that I have a perfectly running 10 day clock that continues to run with 5 degrees of pendulum swing! =). I’m curious how the 15 day or 21 day options will work but I also know that it will start the debugging process all over again. Products used: · HATCHBOX Matte PLA · HATCHBOX Brown PLA · Enotepad Marble PLA · DO3D Silk Metallic Shiny Copper PLA · 3.2” weight shell w/1 extension = 10.68# · 65# braided fishing line Additional Tools: · Fusion 360 o I learned how to use Fusion 360 to modify the serpentine hands as they seemed difficult to see without the black outline o Added text to the pendulum (I know Cherrio is spelled differently, it’s a family thing) · Cuckoo Calibration app on my phone to aid with leveling · Slow-mo video recording to see full pendulum swing From the detailed assembly notes to the how to videos and debugging tips, this was VERY WELL DONE and a really fun project to build. Seriously, Great job Steve!! I look forward to seeing what you have in the works for your next project, one with a chime or an actual cuckoo would be fantastic! Ken
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Ken Beyea

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