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Douglas Reid
Oct 22, 2022
In Electric Clocks
I have recently purchased plans for the Electrical pendulum clock and Silent desk clock - so I am going to be busy making clocks ... Having a background in electronics, I think I could make some improvements on the pendulum drive circuit. Although the Chinese modules can no doubt be persuaded to work - my impression is that they could likely prove to be somewhat temperamental. Furthermore, they are likely to be very wasteful of power. The battery voltage varies considerably over the life of a battery Considering a single battery, its voltage would vary from around 1.5v down to 0.8v or so as it becomes fully discharged. So if the circuit is to work when the battery voltage is 0.8v, then it follows that 2x power is being wasted when the battery is new. The Chinese module could, in any event, be overdriving the electromagnetic coil (excessive current and/ or pulse duration?) - so probably at least a 5x saving in power, i.e., a 5x improvement in battery life, is practicable. Additionally, if a boost converter is added, the new circuit could be powered from whatever voltage may be preferred. The number and type of batteries would be selected based on the desired operating life between battery replacements. A new design will involve a particular size of coil, PCB and battery holder which will require changes to the base part of the clock. Is it possible to provide a step file for that base part? ---- Have you any thoughts as to the feasibility of producing a wall-mounting version of this Electrical pendulum clock? Best Regards, Douglas

Douglas Reid

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