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Flynt Moreland
Dec 22, 2022
In Printed Clocks
First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed building your SP4 Easy Build Clock. The design is excellent and the clock is running well and looks great! I built the 10-day version, it's running with only 4 1/2 lbs of weight, and it's accurate to within 1 min. per week FYI, I did have trouble with Gear 9, the inserts, and the S9 spacer. No matter how hard I pushed and hammered the inserts would not press into gear 9. I ended up designing a copy of the inserts using measurements from Gear 9 and got that to press in. Then, the hole in gear 9 for the arbor was not deep enough by at least .25 in. I drilled that out and then discovered that S9 was too long by about .08 in. I reprinted it shrinking the Z-axis. I have checked my printer's dimensional accuracy and it's surprisingly good. Plus all of the other parts worked fine as designed. All is well now and I'm not meaning to complain, but if I was you, I'd want to know. I'm very happy with my clock. In fact, so much so, that I may build one of your desk clocks when I get time. :)

Flynt Moreland

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