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Oct 22, 2022
In Show and Tell
I finished the clock and it is a beauty. The weight shell is currently printing and I don't have BBs yet, so it's being powered by a grocery bag filled with cans of beans. It's on the 10 day gears, and it needs about 10 or 11 pounds to run reliably, so I think there's some friction I need to try to eliminate. My plan is to take it apart and look for any rough spots, hollow out the arbor holes a little more, maybe reprint the two gears that have elephant's foot (escapement and hour hand gear), dry lube the arbors, and double check that the pendulum bearing friction isn't too bad. If you have any other suggestions for reducing friction, that'd be great. I have a couple other questions. The curved part on the left of the back frame is where the winding handle gets stored, right? How hard would it be to add a second hand? Would it take a major redesign of the clock? I suppose it would need to be a deeper clock to make room for a couple more gears. Would it be possible to make half the period of the pendulum be exactly one second? So tick-tock would be two seconds? It seems like that could work with a longer pendulum and a different gear ratio. Thanks, Steve, for taking an obviously huge amount of care in designing this clock and creating clear instructions that cover basically every aspect that is needed in assembly.
Finished the large Easy Build Clock (Minus weight shell) content media


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