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Mar 24, 2024
In Show and Tell
I have printed over 10 of the Crazy Gear clocks, each one a little different. The latest one turned out to be the best yet. I have modified the original design to add a front plate that can be customized, and I often customize the face of the clock. I also combined the front and back frames into a single piece and added a brace at the top which uses a 3mm threaded rod to connect them. I have two Rat Rig printers which allow up to a 500mm build plate. Steve has been a great help in assisting with ideas and helping me with the mods. I strongly suggest purchasing the kits from him, it makes the assembly so much easier. I printed this one for one of my Nurse Practitioner who wanted it for her two sons. Just an Update, Time lapse which shows the gears moving Latest Steve Peterson Clock timelapse, Another customized clock for a doctor's son The clock is running!, Printing the clock on 4 printers Another Clock for a Doc, Evolution of the mods Wrapping up the Crazy Gear Clocks and more Laser cutting,
May 20, 2023
In Electric Clocks
Steve, I modified some of the gears to add heat set inserts. This made it easier to lock them down to the arbors. I can send those to you or you could think about including them. I made the hole 4.1 mm in diameter and added some width to the shaft on a few to make stronger
Medium Crazy Gear Clock - heat set inserts content media
Nov 15, 2022
In Printed Clocks
I have finished the first build of the deadbeat version. I do think this is the best design that Steve has made. I have posted a video on you-tube. I have included pictures of the motor - I had a little trouble figuring it out.
My first build of Steve Peterson’s Coup Perdu Clock is finished and running.    content media


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